Onshore E-Visa B211a

The visa is no longer available as of July 01, 2023.

Would you like to stay in Bali longer? Good News! At the moment, all tourists who are already in Indonesia can apply for a new visa inside the country.

Onshore eVisa B211a is issued for 60 days and can be extended 2 times for 60 days each time. The date of issue is the first day the visa is valid.

FYI (!) VOA holders cannot apply for a new stay permit inside the country!

Our price for an Onshore Visa B211:
2,400,000 IDR (~160 USD)

Price includes:

  • Sponsorship
  • All taxes and Immigration fees
  • eVisa

The process takes 7-10 business days. We need only a passport (valid for a minimum of 7 months), your color photo and payment.

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